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Please find below common Frequently Asked Questions. If any queries are not covered, please contact us.

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What liability insurance cover do branches of the Irish Pony Club (IPC) receive?

The IPC have a comprehensive combined liability policy which indemnifies The IPC and all of it’s branches against any action that may be taken against the branch as a result of third party property damage or third party injury.  The liability policy also extends to cover any employees  of the IPC and any products that they may supply.

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Are our volunteers and instructors covered by the liability policy?

Yes, the liability policy extends to cover liability to a third party that a Judge, Steward, Instructor, Official or Volunteer are liable for as a result of their actions at any organised IPC event. This includes any incident that may occur whilst traveling directly to or from an organised event, providing the liability would not be picked up under another more suitable policy, for example a motor policy.

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What additional insurance cover do branches have?

The IPC have a branch scheme which covers all IPC branches for theft or damage to branch owned or loaned equipment. There are different levels of cover available depending on how much equipment the branch owns.

Additionally, the branch policy provides personal accident insurance for all volunteers, trainers, instructors and officials for injuries sustained at an IPC event or meeting, including whilst travelling to or from the event.  The policy provides a capital benefit for death and permanent total disablement, it also covers temporary total disablement for a maximum of 104 weeks and some cover for hospitalisation and medical/dental treatment.

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What is the difference between public liability insurance (or third party insurance) and personal accident insurance?

Public liability insurance provides cover if you are held liable for an injury to a third party or damage to property owned by a third party.  For a claim to be successful, a third party has to prove that such bodily injury or property damage was a result of you being negligent in some way.

An example of this would be if a marquee were erected by the branch and it blew away causing damage to a car.  In order to make a successful claim, the owner of the car (or their legal representation) would need to prove that the IPC were negligent, for example that they had not secured the marquee adequately.  If damage is caused at an event, it does not automatically mean the IPC are liable.  If all possible precautions were taken to secure the marquee, but a freak weather event caused it to blow away, the IPC may not be found liable for the damage.

By contrast personal accident insurance is a ‘no fault’ policy.  If an insured person is injured at an IPC event, they do not have to prove that anyone was liable in order to make a claim.

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What insurance coverage do IPC members receive as part of their membership?

IPC members are covered for third party liability whilst taking part in any IPC organised event.  They are not covered under the IPC policy for third party liability at any other time, for example whilst out hacking or during a non IPC competition.

A separate member’s personal accident policy is in place for all IPC members.  This is 24 hour cover for all of their equestrian activities anywhere in the world, providing they are normally domiciled in Ireland.  The personal accident policy provides a capital benefit in the event of death or permanent disablement.  It does not cover temporary disablement but provides some cover for hospitalisation and medical/dental treatment.

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Are non-members covered for third party liability if they compete at an IPC event?

The IPC and it’s branches are covered for third party liability where a claim is brought against them by a non-member.  However, there is no cover in place for the non-member should they be held liable for third party property damage or bodily injury whilst at an IPC event.  The non member would need to have their own liability insurance in place to protect them against this.

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Does the IPC liability policy state that our instructors must be qualified?

The insurance policy does not state any minimum qualifications for instructors, but the IPC and it’s branches should be satisfied that anyone teaching is competent and capable of the tasks they are being asked to perform.

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Does the IPC liability policy state that specific attire must be worn at IPC events?

The policy states that hard hats must be worn whilst riding unless the rules of competition prevent this (for example vaulting activities).  No other provisions are stated regarding riding attire but insurers would expect branches to follow IPC rules and regulations on safety including suitable riding wear for IPC activities.

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Our branch regularly hires an arena at a local riding school for IPC activities.  What happens if someone is injured and wants to sue the proprietor?

The IPC policy contains a Landowners Indemnity clause which states that the policy is extended to cover the landowner for any incident he may be held legally liable for whilst his land is being used for IPC activities.

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What should the branch do if someone wants to make a claim against the branch?

Please complete an incident report form giving as much detail as possible.  Please forward this to the IPC’s insurance broker, Howden UK Group. It is important that you do not admit liability as this could prejudice the position of both the branch and the Insurer in the event of a claim being made.

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What should the branch do if someone is injured at an IPC event?

Any serious injury should be documented in accordance with IPC rules and should be notified to Howden UK Group, even if no suggestion of a claim has been made. It is important that you do not admit liability as this could prejudice the position of both the branch and the Insurer in the event of a claim being made.

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12. Who do we contact for more information about IPC insurance?

Please contact Howden UK Group as follows:

For all coverage enquiries or requests for letters of indemnity, please contact:
Catherine Morgan
+44 (0)207 133 1387
+44 (0)787 540 8245

To report a claim or incident, please contact:
Regina Van Der Leeuw
Address: Woodlands, Manton Lane, Bedford, MK41 7LW 
Direct Dial: +44 (0)1234 408 610

For general enquiries please contact:
+44 (0)207 133 1338.

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