Third Party Liability

A branch must do all it reasonably can to reduce or eliminate loss, damage or injury to others in accordance with IPC procedures.  If an accident occurs that results in damage to property or an injury to a member or any third party, the branch may be held legally liable. All branches are included on the IPC combined liability policy for all of their IPC activities and this covers Employers, Public and Products Liability up to €13,000,000.

Branch Property

The IPC have arranged a branch property policy which covers all property owned by the branch or on loan to a branch up to a set limit of indemnity.  Each branch must declare the approximate value of property that they own to IPC head office each year and choose the appropriate level of cover at either €10,000, €20,000 or €30,000. If during the period of insurance the value of the property owned or on loan exceeds the value declared then you must immediately inform head office.

This policy is designed to cover equipment such as, jumps, poles, trailers, dressage boards and markers, mounted games equipment and the like against loss or destruction, for example as a result of fire or theft. 

The definition of property does not include any buildings that may be owned by the branch or any horses or livestock.  It also does not include damage to jumps or equipment that occurs whilst it is in use.

Directors and Officers

If any branch committee member is accused of a wrongful act, including incidents of dishonesty or defamation, and legal action is taken against them for such act, the IPC have a Directors and Officers liability policy in place to protect you. Any incident that could give rise to a claim should be immediately notified to IPC head office.

For more information please review our branch FAQ’s.  Alternatively please email or call +44 (0)20 7133 1387